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Testimony from a happy TJW Media customer

Anne Martis of Walk the Landscape was kind enough to comment on her experience of the redesign of her travel agency site by TJW Media:

Tim at TJW media worked with me during a review of my business that included a redesign of my website. He did a fantastic job in transforming its appearance from home-made start-up to professional, attractive and businesslike, whilst still keeping its individuality. Tim was a great help with the copyrighting and photography as well as the development and technical side and as a result I’m getting more and more enquiries from the site.


If you've got something to say, say it openly

Sage advice from Dave Winer, in promoting a "open and free Internet":

Create a blog, put it on your server, hook it up to the net through one of the companies you're protesting against (that's what's worth protesting, your limited choice), and speak your mind. Then, if you must, tweet links to those stories and share them on Facebook.


Ooops, indeed! Google New has no news...

Google News has no news feed! Here’s what happens when you try the subscribe to Google Reader Safari extension.

Google Fail no RSS Feed in Googlle New

Considering it’s Google, this is one bizarre case of a company keeping it’s news to itself!

Walk The Landscape - another new website produced by TJW Media

Walk the Landscape by TJW Media
The web presence of the Oxfordshire tour operator Walk The Landscape has been totally overhauled by TJW Media to become:

  • An attractive online presence
  • Open and personable
  • Clearly position it’s market proposition
  • SEO optimised
  • Be easy to use with CMS elements.

If you fancy having an expert guide to exploring the Cotswolds - check out Anne’s new site!