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New news site for Wimbledon Tennis Championships

This site automagically re-publishes news feeds and provides news on the tennis championships - also ideal for browsing on a mobile phone when queuing for your Centre Court ticket!


¿Cuánto le saco?

This photo, of the decisive moment in the 50km race at the European Cup of Race Walking at Leamington on 20 May, and featured on the web site of the Norwegian athlete Trond Nymark, is described by the Spanish blogger Bernardo José Mora as being:

"Perhaps never to date has photographer had been able to catch of a so clear way all the dramatic quality of the moment at issue."


Blowing customers' minds - with personalised business cards

Commenting on the BT Business Blog has produced some nice publicity ...

I've passed out almost all my Moo Cards now, so I'd better get some more - and if any others would like some, just get in contact.

New business website produced by TJW Media - Sheepfold Cottage, Manton

This site is a total redesign of a website produced for the owners of this holiday cottage in a delightful part of Wiltshire - contact Sue and Chris via their site to make a booking.

The previous site was a static image and was paid for by bartering the hosting and design costs for a live chicken! One must have been much tastier than the other as both are no more....

This site includes numerous images shown in Flash in a variety of ways and includes a contact form plus a description of the cottage and locality. Should the owners wish it has the capacity to include news or blog items whenever the need arises.