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Poignant celebration Of Wally Cumberland at Steyning Bookshop

The Steyning Bookshop hosted what must have been one of the more unusual memorial events on Armistice Day - with a book launch.
With other events last Wednesday paid respects to those lost in war, a book launch celebrated one local man who survived, and told his tale for the first time in his 90th year.
Wally Cumberland began collaborating with Steyning-based writer Liane Watt 18 months beforehand for his memoir “We Battled to Survive”. The book describes some remarkable close-shaves in battle, including escaping under fire when already injured in a plaster cast, spared from certain death by a German tank crew, then protected by Belgian nuns before five years as a prisoner in the Stalags across Europe.
Liane described how her book came to be produced, and how Wally had ensured photographs and documents of life as a POW were preserved for posterity. The fact that readers can now see what life was like is all the more remarkable as Wally carried these back through the notorious “Black March” from Poland to Germany as the Second World War came to a conclusion.
“This truly makes this a remarkable document of one man’s story of surviving the war against all privations”, said Liane at the launch.
Unfortunately, Wally passed away early this year before he could see the book published. He was represented by his widow Doreen.
Active in many circles to the end, Wally was fondly recalled by fellow members of the Steyning Snooker, Bowling and Probus clubs - most of whom had little knowledge of his wartime adventures.
“We Battled to Survive” is available from the Steyning Bookshop and the website

Published today - Wally Cumberland's "We Battled to Survice"

Timed for Armistice Day, Wally Cumberland’s personal account of his amazing wartime story is published today.

'We Battled to Survive' - 5000 miles ~ nine lives ~ five years a prisoner - is the memoir written by Liane Watt in collaboration with Wally Cumberland, a former World War Two Prisoner of War.

To buy a copy go to our store page.


TJWMedia wins Wimbledon Town Centre 2012 Olympic Branding Competition

"Going For Gold" was the winning slogan submitted by TJWMedia in a competition to name the new campaign for Wimbledon Town Centre Management’s London 2012 Olympic Business Development plan.

The organisation now has a suitably named website - - with branding based on the submission by TJWMedia.