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Valid calibration of infusion pumps
22 Dec 2021: EURAMET Case Study — despite clear potential for harm to patients from inaccurate dosing from infusion pumps, standards makers had not embraced the benefits of best practice flow metrology in device calibration procedures.
Robust sulfur dioxide emissions monitoring
8 Dec 2021: EURAMET Case Study — Evidence emerged that the standard test method for verifying compliance with the Industrial Emissions Directive might not be sufficiently accurate for targeted concentration levels to come into force.
Fit for purpose emissions testing
8 Dec 2021: EURAMET Case Study — Faster, less labour-intensive instruments showed potential as a basis of a more sensitive method but could not be adopted as a standard method without necessary quality procedures.
Standard to certify zero gas purity
16 Nov 2021: EURAMET Case Study — standards for ‘zero gases’ did not specify how to guarantee purity, and a ready-made solution lacked formal standing.
Trusted MR-guided radiotherapy planning
11 Nov 2021: EURAMET Case Study — before a prototype MR-guided radiotherapy device could be approved for routine treatment, clinical calibration procedures needed to be demonstrated as effective and reliable in practice.
Absolute dosimetry for MR-Linacs
25 Oct 2021: EURAMET Case Study — Without a recognised means to ensure delivery of accurate radiation doses, advancement to patient trials could not be given the go-ahead.
Innovation in molecular radiotherapy
16 August 2021: EURAMET Case Study — 166Ho calibration standard enabled Quirem Medical to provide more reliable patient dose planning and verification.
Calibration best practice in Standards
5 August 2021: EURAMET Case Study — Despite the potential for harm, standards makers had not appreciated the need to promote robust calibration procedures in requirements for syringes used with infusion devices.
Fibre-optic based wireless positioning
2 Aug 2021: EURAMET Case Study — EMPIR Innanopart project develops world-first calibration method to enable traceable measurements of nanoparticle number concentration. Calibration enabled Malvern PanalyticaDemonstrating the concept required sub-nanosecond timing accuracy, but no practical calibration method was available to keep the entire system in sync.
Transnational time transfer via fibre-optics
2 Aug 2021: EURAMET Case Study — The superior positioning, navigation and timing services provided by Galileo, Europe’s Global Satellite Navigation System, has added vast economic value and enhanced citizens’ lives. Future upgrades could offer certifiably precise timing services, likely to stimulate innovations in applications such as 5G and smart electrical grids. A prerequisite for developing such enhanced services was calibrated reference signals but no calibration method offered the right balance of performance, maturity, operability and cost……
Expanded humidity measurement capabilities in Ireland
26 Feb 2021: Euramet Case Study —Controlling humidity is critical for maintaining product quality in pharmaceutical manufacturing and many other high-value industries.……

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