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Wimbledon Audi 10k Photos

Wimbledon Audi 10k

Challenge Barcelona-Maresme photos available for purchase

I had opportunity to photograph the Challenge Barcelona-Maresme Iron Man distance triathlon at the weekend - and what a spectacle it was.
There were loads of Brits taking part - and anyone can order copies of the images taken at the even for my site

You can see the images and athletes available here:


Catalunya Sports Activities


Camp Nou, on a press trip organised by Turisme de Catalunya


LX3 Post Mortem - the gory details


After 25 international seasons Plätzer shows how to end a career on a high

Kjersti Platzer winner in Sesto San Giovanni 2007
The culmination of 25 international seasons has left Kjersti Plätzer drained but satisfied, upon retaining her IAAF Race Walking Challenge title.
“I'm, empty but very relieved.” said the 37-year-old Norwegian a week after the IAAF Race Walking Challenge Final in Saransk, and six weeks after being disqualified in Berlin. “Now I can retire on a high which is so important for me.”   Such a long career has several beginnings - in Plätzer’s case due to injuries and motherhood. With her coach, Stephan, also her husband it may be a little intrusive to enquire deeply about some of their planning - but, what shines through is Plätzer’s sense of enjoyment of competition and the love of a challenge.
IAAF article
After 25 international seasons Plätzer shows how to end a career on a high.