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Reducing Aero-engine Operational Costs
3 August 2020: EURAMET Case Study — The aero-engine environment is especially demanding for onboard sensors used to monitor and control important aircraft systems. Future, more fuel-efficient, engines specified operation at even higher temperatures, imposing tougher requirements for pressure sensor reliability. However, no calibration service could demonstrate long-term measurement stability for such sensors.
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EURAMET enabled Baker Hughes to validate its long-term sensor stability testing method >>
Standards for Quantum Cryptography
14 May 2020: EURAMET Case Study — Future confidence in Europe’s digital economy may be strongly influenced by confidence in the security of underlying digital infrastructures. Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) is a promising category of technologies that could provide long-term communications security but has, to date, only been commercialised by a limited number of suppliers serving niche, security-critical, markets.
Practical 5G signal quality testing
16 April 2020: EURAMET Case Study — The promise of fifth-generation (5G) mobile networks is ubiquitous telecoms and a platform from which innovations can exploit breakthrough levels of connectivity
Revolutionising nanoparticle formulation
16 April 2020: EURAMET Case Study — Nanotechnology offers significant potential benefits in advanced industrial applications, from electronics to medicine
Industrial self-validating thermocouples
7 April 2020: EURAMET Case Study — Is there a solution to thermocouple drift? Conventional industrial thermocouples require frequent replacement, causing process down-times and added costs. The anwser: integrated self-validating thermocouples developed in the EMPIR EMPRESS project, being commercialised by CCPI Europe
Measuring nanoparticle exposure
7 April 2020: EURAMET Case Study — EMPIR Innanopart project develops world-first calibration method to enable traceable measurements of nanoparticle number concentration. Calibration enabled Malvern Panalytical to provide confidence the accuracy of its Zetasizer Ultra for measuring particle concentration, enabling it to offer the feature right from the time of its launch on the market in 2018
Metrology For Quantum Communications
2 April 2020: EURAMET Case Study — As quantum computing research efforts bear fruit, trust in the security of the existing digital economy will be undermined, as practical systems may be capable of quickly defeating common data encryption methods……
Future-proofing Data Security
2 April 2020: Euramet Case Study — If, as is forecast in the next decade or so, quantum computing is developed into a working technology, new encryption methods will be needed so electronic communications can be kept ‘quantum-safe’……

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