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Recognising Activities at Home using sensors: a HomeSense fieldwork case study
11 December 2017: HomeSense is a National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) supported Methodological Research Project focused on providing a better understanding of the implications of using modern digital sensors in social research.
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CANDID peer meeting at the Cosmocaixa crossroads
October 23, 2017: Steve Jobs said he considered the best innovations occurred, in a metaphorical sense at least, ‘at the intersection of technology and the liberal arts’. Presenting the Apple iPad 2 for the first time, he asserted that (at Apple) “Technology is not enough” …. “It’s in our DNA that technology married with the liberal arts is what makes our hearts sing”.
While there may be more than one song sheet from which to sing when it comes to responsible research and innovation, CANDID is working to provide resources to help technologists developing ‘smart’ products and services that can better resonate with the market, and wider society.
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CANDID Module 3 looks to reframe view of social scientists from party poopers to innovation pathfinders
September 19, 2017: Over the last six months an interdisciplinary team of experts in Science and Technology Studies led by Daniel López from Universitat Oberta de Catalunya’s CareNet (Care and Preparedness in the Network Society) has canvassed an ‘extended peer’ network for Module 3 of CANDID, addressing some of the most contentious issues arising from the operation of ’smart infrastructures’.
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Early findings of Module 4: Thematic & discursive analyses of smart technologies
September 15, 2017: Module 4 of the CANDID is performing two roles in helping achieve the project’s aim of developing a ‘codebook’ for analysing discourses of ‘smart’ technologies.
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CANDID Module 2: protection of digital rights overly complex and have important shortcomings
September 15, 2017: Despite recent adoption of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR), CANDID researchers found that efforts in Europe to protect fundamental rights in ICT environments to be notably complex and with important shortcomings.
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Presenting over-the-horizon opportunities for squeezing design cycle times at LCV 2017
September 7, 2017: DETC wowed visitors to the Cenex LCV 2017 low carbon vehicle show at Millbrook today and yesterday, that tried out immersive experiences, many of whom did so for the first time. In the ‘Innovation Zone’, DETC’s demo was an interactive example of the type of ‘over-the-horizon’ opportunity presented by digital tools, and showed what could be done in the automotive …
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Digital Readiness Level – opportunity for UK industry to start the journey to Digital Manufacturing
SEPTEMBER 7, 2017: According to a recent report ‘The Digitalisation of the UK Automotive Industry’ commissioned from KPMG by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, Digital manufacturing offers potential for a 3-5% per annum increase in productivity, 15-25% reduction in time to market and 20-35% reduction in machine downtime. At Cenex’s LCV 2017 show today, speaking for HSSMI and DETC, Simon Barnes …
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CANDID Module 1 on smart energy and care signals need for new typology of ‘users’
September 5, 2017: CANDID is researching what ‘smartness’ means for the various types of providers and ‘end users’ of ‘smart’ technologies. The research for Module 1, the part of the project covering ‘User and Design Configurations’, specifically on Smart Energy Technologies and Smart Care Technologies.
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Virtually perfect design workshop to demonstrate new possibilities for real-time VR vehicle design at LCV 2017
SEPTEMBER 4, 2017: Further to our previous news about DETC’s stand and activities at LCV 2017 we can announce exciting news about our Virtually Perfect Design workshop, that with the help of our affiliate companies will demonstrate new examples of how virtual reality (VR) can be used for real-world engineering applications, and so vastly speed the process of vehicle design. The tenth Cenex-LCV2017 …
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What is discourse analysis and how can it help understanding for a more societally responsible ‘smart’ new world?
August 29, 2017: As suggested by the expanded version of the acronym title — Checking Assumptions aND promoting responsibility in smart Development — the CANDID project has set about scrutinising presumptions it is finding in the discourse about ‘smart’ technologies. Led by University of Surrey, this part of the project (named Module 4) is applying the tools of ‘discourse analysis’ to policy debates and discussions on the subject, as well as the topics covered by the other Modules, to gain insight in terms of implications to society.
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Taking a fresh look at ‘smart’ technologies to promote responsible innovation
August 21, 2017: CANDID is a 12 month research project, applying the tools and expertise of the social sciences to address issues around ‘smart’ technologies, a topic for research previously of exclusive interest to technologists and engineers. Intervening in the normal business of innovation might raise an eyebrow or two, but the consensus is that broader perspectives are more likely to assist the innovation process than continue ‘business as usual’.
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One week to go to the August VR Drive Summer Drinks in Stratford
AUGUST 18, 2017: After last month’s successful first VR Drive drinks meet up here in Stratford, DETC will be back on for a round or two at another VR Drive Summer Drinks, at the Secret Weapon on the evening of Friday 25 August. We’ll be meeting up at the gaming pub Loading Bar: Secret Weapon and will be hosted again by our affiliate …
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Virtual Reality in low carbon vehicle design to be showcased at LCV 2017 by DETC
AUGUST 17, 2017: DETC is proud to announce that we’ll be exhibiting and presenting at LCV 2017, the premier UK low carbon vehicle event, at Millbrook, Bedfordshire, on 6 and 7 September. The annual low carbon automotive industry show, organised by Cenex, is expected to attract more than 3,000 visitors for its opportunities for networking, learn from seminars by industry leaders and observe …
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DETC presents ground-breaking research in Digital Manufacturing at MESIC 2017
JULY 7, 2017: DETC’s Kevin Rampersad presented three “groundbreaking” white papers on behalf of DETC at the recent MESIC 2017 International Conference, in Vigo, Spain — on Digital Readiness Levels (DRL), the concept of the Distributed Factory and Industry 4.0, and an analysis of the used of agent-based simulations in Industry 4.0. The 7th International Conference of the Manufacturing Engineering Society on 28, …
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Come to the first VR Drive Summer Drinks meet up in Stratford, 28 July
JULY 7, 2017: In line with our efforts to encourage mingling of expertise in the VR and games sectors with innovators in the Automotive sector, we’d like to draw your attention to the inaugural VR Drive Summer Drinks meet up, on the evening of Friday 28 July. Digital Jam, in partnership with and Loading Bar, will be hosting the event in the ideal …
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DETC Inspiring Young People to choose subjects leading to a future in digital engineering
JULY 5, 2017: At the home of one of the leading innovators in sports broadcasting, on 7 June, in collaboration with BT Sport and Loughborough University London, DETC presented some of its VR capabilities at the ‘Inspiring Young People’ event. The school outing to BT’s Here East hub studios was designed to inspire pupils to tackle science and engineering subjects at local schools. …
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Steering the digital sector to look over the horizon at VR World
MAY 19, 2017: DETC had the pleasure of showcasing some of its affiliates’ new digital tools at this week’s VR World 2017 — a two day conference and exhibition on the impact of immersive technologies in business and industry beyond gaming.
Held at Olympia, London, on 16 and 17 May 2017, the show brought together developers and creators of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality experiences to network and demonstrate tools and technologies across business and industry sectors, including in Engineering, Automotive & Manufacturing.
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State of Play in Digital Readiness Levels – bringing clarity to digital manufacturing
MAY 15, 2017: DETC is helping development of the concept of Digital Readiness Level (DRL) with our delivery partner HSSMI, that has consulted with industry and academia and recently proposed headline challenges for a strategy for delivering effective deployment of digital technologies in manufacturing for businesses. As it further develops and test these concepts, Simon Barnes, HSSMI’s Commercial Director, offers his ‘state of affairs report’ of DRL, and invites further …
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DETC to exhibit at VR World 2017 to show how immersive technologies could revolutionise the automotive industry
At next week’s VR World 2017, The Digital Engineering Test Centre (DETC) will demonstrate some advanced VR capabilities and showcase collaborations with affiliate partners to highlight the potential of applying immersive technologies to the automotive industry.
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DETC challenges the gaming industry to disrupt the automotive software market at VR Show 2017
The Digital Engineering & Test Centre provided the most eye catching presence at last month’s VR Show, where, together with McLaren Automotive and other affiliates, we exhibited applications for gaming developers to find new markets in high-end automotive engineering and manufacturing.
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UK Aims To Be “world Number One” In Driverless Cars
With a new “Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Hub”, the UK government is streamlining its efforts to become the leading nation in driverless mobility. The administration’s bold vision will intensify international competition.
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