A roasting hot day photographing the Virgin London Marathon

In all that sun, and being such a long day, it’s something of a blur, but my photo of Vince Ting of Wimbledon Windmilers seems pretty pin sharp.
Even taking many, many thousands of pictures on the day I think Vince was the only runner I recognised (and gave encouragement too after this shot)!
The photo is among many that can be order form the Marathonfoto website.


A brilliant, if rather damp, first Virgin London Marathon

Emlyn Christie of Wimbledon Windmilers
Another great day of photography (working for by TJW Media at London on 25 April.

This time also managing a booth at the Expo. Many thanks to Mark Robert Hare, Vikas Parthipan, Andreia Ismael, Luis Vidal Hernández, Dámaris Bravo Luna and Jahangir Alam for being such a great crew. If you can do that job you can do most anything guys!

Right - Emlyn Christie of Wimbledon Windmilers after finishing the marathon, making 2:49 look easy....