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Haddock Research implements e-commerce solution designed by TJW Media

Haddock Research brochure
Montreal, Canada, Environmental consultancy Haddock Research has implemented a Flash-based market research e-commerce solution produced by TJW Media.

Fitting into the company’s existing Drupal web platform, the solution provides an attractive and informative sales brochure that directly connects with the Moneris payment system. Customers can use the site to purchase innovative market research reports on various aspects of people’s perceptions and reactions to Climate change.

According to Haddock Research, “At Haddock Research & Branding Inc., we help our clients develop their low-carbon brands and services. We help them by better understanding the challenges they face – whether in research, marketing and/or branding. We are passionate about our work. We invest in building our knowledge of the low-carbon market around the world. And we also collaborate with scientists, environmental leaders and activists to make sure that what we are doing is consistent with the environmental challenges we all face.”

Environmental Choices™ syndicated survey is being used to launch Haddock and provide baseline data and analysis.
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