<h3>We Battled to Survive - by Liane Watt</h3><br/>

We Battled to Survive - by Liane Watt

'We Battled to Survive' - 5000 miles ~ nine lives ~ five years a prisoner - is the memoir written by Liane Watt in collaboration with Wally Cumberland, a former World War Two Prisoner of War .

According to Liane "I was surprised to find, on being asked to record his story, that little had been written until recently about the terrible hardships suffered by prisoners of war in camps throughout Germany and Poland. Films and TV shows tend to give an unrealistic picture of life behind the wire; altogether too sanitized. The real story should be better known as Wally’s suffering was shared by many men. That he came through his ordeal is a testament to his strength of character."

Wally, who unfortunately passed away at 89 years old early this year just after completing the narration of his remarkable story, wanted to tell the harrowing experience of the hardships suffered by many men held captive in Europe during the war - which was far from the romantic impression of films such as Escape to Victory or the TV show Colditz.

Artist, turned soldier then captive; even among those who stood against tyranny from the early battles of World War Two, few will have stared down as many barrels and lived to tell the tale as Wally Cumberland.
After severe injury and close shaves in action, concealment in a nunnery and forced labour across Eastern Europe, Wally documented life behind the wire as a POW in Stalag XXB. Even more remarkably, he carried these photos, drawings, newspapers and theatrical ephemera through the privations of the ‘Black March’ and, eventually, home - where new struggles were to be faced.

We can only wonder at one man’s amazing capacity to survive supreme challenge.

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<h3>Paved with Good Intentions - by Syd Andrew</h3><br/>

Paved with Good Intentions - by Syd Andrew

Only occasionally may the God-fearing, honest, hard working, tax paying citizens of Kent stop to wonder how the miscreants, throwbacks and the altogether ‘less conventional’ manage to send their offspring to the same schools and drive their 4x4s to the same Waitrose car parks.

This is (almost, after a few) true-to-life tale tells the comic history of descendants of the itinerant hop pickers that settled in The Garden of England from London's East End.

Their rise and far more than can be imagined in polite society is faithfully chronicled in the riotous adventures of one gang of loveable, hard working experts in the rolling out the black stuff.

“Paved with God Intentions” takes you on the wayward followed by Timboy, Pedro, Spike and Leggo - from pikies to respect in the Kentish community.

This sympathetic and humourous tribute was written with the willing cooperation of the main characters.

<h3>First Celtic Cup Commemorative Book</h3><br/>

First Celtic Cup Commemorative Book

On the occasion of the Scottish Athletics Annual Awards dinner in the Marriott Hotel, Glasgow - TJW Media has published this 52 page photobook, packed with 146 quality photos, to commemorate the first Celtic Cup between Scotland, Ireland and Wales, held in August 2006.