Promoting the European Horizon 2020 "MEnS" project update event

Delivering a European Portable Building Energy Performance Skills Platform; a MEnS project update
MEns (Meeting of Energy Professional Skills) - or 'Delivering a European Portable Building Energy Performance Skills Platform' - is a European Horizon 2020 project led by Daniel Melandri.

A progress and coordination meeting was held today in London; at which I produced the photography, assisted event networking, and will be producing a coordinating summary.

You van view a gallery of the event on Flickr.

It was encouraging to see such excitement among building professionals foe earning meaningful qualifications for designing and realising near zero energy buildings in the pilot training courses outlined in the workshop.

So it will be interesting how the project can help scale-up courses to provide a career advantage within the building sector across Europe.

For more details about the project, contact the MEnS project coordinator Daniela Melandri.

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Site redesign for Alison Salmond Pilates website


A modern, lighter design, feature a wider range of services a design was implemented for Alison courtesy of Michael David Design.
Alison reports that the responsive design (that looks particularly great on the iPad), and attention to making the site Google friendly from the start - means her site pays for itself many times over by bring inning in new customers for her business.
Alison is the UK’s only STOTT PILATES Lead Instructor Trainer. This means that she teaches both her own clients as well as other pilates instructors and instructors trainers in the STOTT PILATES method.

Final report on Retrofit for the Future

The Technology Strategy Board (TSB), that together with Energy Saving Trust, funded the Retrofit For the Future programme and the accompanying blogging network managed by TJW Media called Retrofit Diaries, has published its final report on the two year programme.

According to the TSB ‘Retrofit for the Future' showed that the retrofit industry in the UK can deliver deep carbon reductions with existing technologies and practices without compromising the comfort of residents.

Bere Architects Passivehaus
The report, based upon analysis of 100 homes across the UK, showed a strong correlation between good air-tightness and lower CO2 emissions and identified practical considerations for more effective retrofitting in the future.

The project was designed to address the challenge laid down by the UK Government's target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050. By analysing data from over a third of the properties the report identifies the CO2 emission reductions achieved by each project initiative.

Retrofit for the Future catalysed the retrofit of over 100 homes across the UK, with an ambition of achieving an 80% reduction in the in-use CO2 emissions of each property. Coordinated by the Technology Strategy Board , the Retrofit for the Future competition encouraged collaboration between housing providers, designers, contractors and researchers, and has helped to stimulate new business opportunities in the retrofit market.

Retrofit Diaries was a network of over 100 websites for project participants to record the progress of their retrofit builds - that achieved 100% uptime for the two year duration of the project and was user-friendly in way for builders, architects and project managers that was not achievable should they had been forced to use TSB’s own _connect platform.

Extracts from some of the more revealing Retrofit Diaries have since been archived by the Energy Saving Trust.

A feature on the TSB Innovation in Action section of its site, reported that many small companies have grown significantly as a result, and in several cases they have been able to take innovative products or processes to market after demonstrating their effectiveness through Retrofit for the Future.

Website launch: New website for Alec & Fiona Peever

Fiona & Alec Peever ~ Lettering and Scuplture ~ Home
Fiona & Alec Peever are artists specialising in sculpture and letter carving - their contemporary designs are hand carved in stone and cast in bronze.
Being artists they already had a web sit design in mind when they came to me to redesign their website and invigorate their business.
The solution I came up with involved implementing their design ideas with a content management solution, that was simple and reliable for them to use, even with an old PC. This allowed them the freedom to be able to update entire website, including text and image portfolios of their work, without having to learn new skills and so concentrate on their artistic work.