Content marketing for Digital Engineering Technical Centre

I've started doing some content marketing consultancy work for Digital Engineering Technical Centre (DETC), a centre of excellence that develops and promotes use of virtual engineering to accelerate the development, test and manufacture of automotive propulsion systems.
DETC is hosted by HSSMI Ltd and located within the Loughborough University London Campus on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London.
So far, I've helped fine tune its monthly newsletter and promoted DETC's presence at the VR Show 2017 at the Business Design Centre, Islington - See DETC challenges the gaming industry to disrupt the automotive software market at VR Show 2017.

Last week I was taken for a ride in two driverless cars

OK. So they're both actually driving robots, that follow a course guided by GPS, used to test systems that could be used for driverless cars - but in the controlled environment of a go-cart track they can, as Paul Fleck states, "drive by themselves all day long".

Here's couple of iPhone quick videos taken from the back seats of not one but two driverless cars, demonstrated at the Sense Media Self-Driving Track Day at Sundown Park Esher on 25 April.

The first features AB Dynamics' robot drive fitted to a SEAT as demonstrated by the company's Senior Systems Engineer Richard Simpson.

According to its website, ABD's Path Following system, enables "robots to guide the vehicle along a pre-defined path with the vehicle's position, speed and time along the path all precisely controlled. The vehicle's position feedback is provided by a 2cm-accurate GPS-corrected motion pack. ABD's Duramon software can be used to monitor the vehicle's condition. High-speed wireless telemetry enables the user to supervise the vehicle from a suitable base-station beside the track."

The second features the Dataspeed ADAS development vehicle kit, as demonstrated by its founder and CEO Paul Fleck in a modified Ford Fusion sedan.

On its ADAS Kit page the company states. "Our ADAS Kit is a complete hardware and software solution that allows seamless control of throttle, brake, steering, and shifting. It also allows you to control the sensors and computers while accessing data on vehicle networks."

See more in the video below:


Photo taken for Summersdale Publications' booklaunch features as The Bookseller's Pictures of the Week

One of a set of images taken for Summersdale Publications' book launch of Set Free featured as the feature image in The Bookseller's Pictures of the Week.

Buddhist nun Emma Slade signed copies of her new book Set Free at The Yoga Studio, Harbledown on Thursday 12 April.

The full gallery of images can be seen on my Flickr gallery: Emma Slade book launch


Promoting the European Horizon 2020 "MEnS" project update event

Delivering a European Portable Building Energy Performance Skills Platform; a MEnS project update
MEns (Meeting of Energy Professional Skills) - or 'Delivering a European Portable Building Energy Performance Skills Platform' - is a European Horizon 2020 project led by Daniel Melandri.

A progress and coordination meeting was held today in London; at which I produced the photography, assisted event networking, and will be producing a coordinating summary.

You van view a gallery of the event on Flickr.

It was encouraging to see such excitement among building professionals foe earning meaningful qualifications for designing and realising near zero energy buildings in the pilot training courses outlined in the workshop.

So it will be interesting how the project can help scale-up courses to provide a career advantage within the building sector across Europe.

For more details about the project, contact the MEnS project coordinator Daniela Melandri.

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